There are many different types of writing and books to enjoy. From Action to Science Fiction and Fantasy, fact or fiction, books can be escapes from every-day life. There are genres of books that have wained in popularity over the years, but the category that is as popular today as it was when it was first introduced is Romance novels. This begs the question, “Why are romance novels still so popular?” The answer is pretty clear: sex and romance sells. It always has and always will. But why do people like to read about these overly passionate and dramatic love stories so much?


So many people quite simply crave more romance in their lives. Whether they are read by people who have yet to experience having a partner, or for people who have been married forever and whose relationship has gone stale in the romance department.

Many people lose attraction for their partners over the years, and this is a difficult challenge. As soon as one partner senses the other is losing interest, it can be very difficult for either party to even feel sexual and want to engage in that way. Sometimes reading about it is as close as some people can get.

Some people, smart people, want to read a romance novel or two to get some insight into what members of the opposite sex are craving the most. One without a lot of experience would do well to do a little research in this department.


While ‘love’ and ‘romance’ are often seen as one category, they are different things. You can have romance without love, but it sure is better if it’s with someone that makes your heart pang just a little louder and faster.

A lot of the plots of romance novels involve couples torn apart. People who are in love and trying to get to one another. Either they are trapped in loveless relationships or are sworn by a duty to marry for reasons other than love, but there is most often some challenges for the lovers to overcome. That challenge becomes the driving force for their passion and proves the love the couple has for one another. After all, if a couple can make it through some hard stuff together, they are much more likely to succeed as a couple in every-day life.

Love is often thought of as something that can face anything. The greatest love triumph against adversity, and that is the kind of love people reading romance novels are looking to be entertained by.