The world of dating in the digital age is a complex one. There are all sorts of relationship dynamics that digital dating introduces us to, and there is a lot of competition on those online dating sites. How do you measure up when that special potential-someone is swiping left or right? How does your profile stack up against someone else’s? Let’s say you meet that special someone. You manage to navigate the world of online dating, actually meet in person, and actually like them, like really, really like and want to impress them. What do you do then?

If you’re not a smooth person, this is where things can get challenging. You know it takes romance to move things to the next level and even further, but what if you’re simply not a romantic person? You don’t particularly like romantic movies. You’re a shite writer so love letters aren’t an option. There are resources available to you that could up your game and give you an edge in the ‘romance’ department.

Knowing your Partner

Knowing what potential partners want in the ‘romance’ department is the first step to being able to meet their needs and reel them in. This is where those cheesy movies and books you’ve always hated can help you. These books and movies were released to a lot of response from people who enjoy romance, so chances are, the moves from them will be successful in real life. Use romance books and movies to give you examples of what people crave when it comes to romance.

Romance Books

Pick up some romance books and get reading. Romance novels have captured the imagination of the world’s readers for centuries. Romantic books, stories, poems, and artwork are like snapshots of what a lot of people are craving and see the pinnacle of romance as.

Let’s look at Romeo and Juliet, a classic romance, a perfect example of what appeals to the heart of that true-blue romantic. Chances are, a potential partner you are interested in wants someone who will face anything for a shot with them, as Romeo and Juliet both did, and someone who will fight for them if necessary. This speaks to that natural human desire to be protected. Male or female, we all want to feel safe and protected by our partners. They should be the one person you trust to have your back more than anyone in the world.

Romance Book Plots and Moves

You will see this plot in many a romance book, where one partner has to fight for the love of the other. That is what you want to emulate, that heroic character that will do anything for so much as a glance, let alone a kiss.

Look to the mighty romance book to find those qualities that make people’s hearts swoon. Learning how to hold and kiss passionately are not the worst things either in terms of upping your game. It’s the small details that can make a big difference. Stroking your partner’s hair and looking into their eyes may sound cheesy, but the romance novels have got it figured out: that stuff works.

Pay attention to how a character embraces another. Big romantic holds are a big turn-on for many. The way someone wraps you up in their arms passionately and strongly is the stuff of romance novels and blockbuster hits.

When it comes to romance, a good romance novel writer knows what sells because they get what people want, crave, and see as the ultimate romantic moves, gestures, and relationships. Romance novels have a lot to offer those wanting to up their romance game.