This is a personal welcome to all of you who are true romantics at heart. Touching Love Stories wouldn’t be where it is without you! Before we launch into the newly designed platform, I wanted to share a memory. It’s a bit of a wisp from my past – and one of the most truly romantic moments I recall from my life. Now, remember, we’re talking many years ago (I hesitate to tell you how many). Also, I should tell you that the romance didn’t end well, but this memory is still a good one.

We were overseas (in New Zealand), and driving around the countryside of the South Island outside of Christchurch. The weather was perfect – a gorgeous day in February. We became fascinated by a view from the road – hills in the distance, and sheep (lots of sheep!) in a field, and then from a certain part of the field up to the roadside, tall grasses – with the wind just barely blowing.

We got out of the car to take in the view. I remember what I was wearing – a lovely turquoise-blue cotton skirt that was lightly blowing against my legs. My boyfriend looked at me, and his eyes got all wide – he pushed me up against the car and gently began to kiss me. It was surreal. I felt like I was in a movie scene. My heart pounded and I wished the feeling would never end.

Then, as quickly as it started, the moment was gone. To this day I remember it as being an absolute perfect moment. Too bad the overall relationship was not to be, but it’s a moment I will never, ever forget.

So, for all you readers and lovers of romance, I wish for you all a life of perfect health, and happy, joy-filled and life-long love!