Since the onset of the pandemic, many of you have altered the way you date and kept at it. Good for you! Some of you have completely put the whole process on hold. Unless you want to fly solo into your golden years, you might want to re-examine your approach to fit today’s unique dating landscape.

Dating May Not Ever Be The Same

Sure, social distancing has put a problematic spin on dating, but it’s nothing to overcome if you want to find that special someone. The first step is to accept that dating might not return to the way it was pre-pandemic for quite some time, if ever. For you, dating is a story, so now the second step is to go back and start at the rough draft.

Don’t let dating feel like a big hassle because you have to revamp old habits. Forcing yourself to dive right in can make dating a drag, and it will come through when trying to make a connection. Slow down and let it be a fun rebirth, a time to re-invent yourself.

How Dating Has Changed In 2020

Dating has changed in 2020 in negative and positive ways. The hook-up culture is a thing of the past; now, we get to know each other through dating apps, text messages, and video chat. Wooing has returned to the traditional sense with a digital twist, and only time will tell if dating in this manner makes a positive impact on the development of more long-term relationships.

There are also many specific types of dating, like Russian dating, that can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

A New Dating Trend: Behaving Badly

Digital age dating has brought about some unpleasant behavior; many of us would consider twice before doing in person. If you’ve experienced insolence while dating today, you are not alone.

Over 50 percent of the dating population has experienced one or more of these five dreadful dating doozies:

1. Ghosting- Ghosting is probably one of the most detrimental of these popular yet poor dating faux pas. Has someone you’ve been dating just stop communication with no explanation? That’s ghosting, and it’s all the rage this season.

2. Dial-toning- Different from ghosting in the way that it starts even before the first contact. Exchanging contact information with this audacious dater will only get you ignored.

3. Eclipsing- Simply put, eclipsing is exclusively adopting the persona of someone your dating, leaving old friends and interests behind.

4. Kanye’d- Enduring the entire date listening to a one-sided conversation all about them and never asking questions about you. I’ve known girls to just walk out on this type of date after excusing themselves to the restroom.

5. Glamboozled- Don’t let the name fool you being glamboozled happens to men and women. It’s when you’ve spent a considerable amount of time getting ready, and your date calls last minute to cancel with a flimsy excuse.

Popular Online Dating Sites

Dating websites are the most popular way to start looking for a partner or just share time with someone, but not all dating sites are alike. Different websites vary in age group appeal, purpose, options, and memberships. Some sites are for the 50+ dating population, another uses logarithms to decide compatibility, and others still, are known for just hook-ups.

Here are the eight most popular dating sites for 2020 I found with a little information and a link for each:

1.– Match has been in the business of dating for over 20 years, and although it appeals to the 45-65 age group leaning towards serious relationships, there is something for everyone. It’s free to sign up and browse, but for users to message potential matches, you have to subscribe. Relaxed Zen mode lets you only receive messages from matches that fit your criteria.

2. eHarmony- One of biggest competitors, eHarmony appeals to the 30-44 and 55-64 age groups, which promises a wider variety of age possibilities. The signup process includes a detailed questionnaire containing 150 questions, and there aren’t any free options or trials, but if you don’t find success in the first three months, they’ll give you the next three free.

3. Zoosk- Zoosk, originally an extension of Facebook, popular with over a million 18+ age-range users. Over half of users are paid members, so you know they’re sincerely looking for love. Instead of a questionnaire, they send you matches according to with whom you are interacting. A basic browsing account is free, but they require a paid membership to IM with compatible users.

4. Tinder- This photo-driven app appeals to the 18+ casual dater of all ages. Free to use and interact, the site boast of over 2 billion views per day. The drawback of heavy unpaid member traffic means you have to weed through a ton of possibilities. Put nicely, due to the fact there isn’t a verification process, take caution when arranging to meet.

5. SilverSingles- A top-rated app for the 50+ set looking for serious love interests. SilverSingles has earned a favorable reputation, having maintained a friendly and safe site for seniors. However great for the budget-conscious senior, the membership prices are competitive with that of other sites, but they do not offer any trials or free features.

6. EliteSingles- Most on this website are in the 30-55 age bracket and looking for long-term relationships with a highly educated match. There is a free limited-use account, but a membership subscription is required to send messages to possible matches. No getting inundated with matches because EliteSingles only sends 3-7 matches to you per day, making it great for the busy career-minded dater.

7. Plenty Of Fish or POF – Plenty Of Fish is much like Tinder in the way that it’s free to use most of its features, so there isn’t any verification process, meaning take all necessary pre-cations when meeting a date. This site states that over 2 million of the 18-65 age group users have entered into a conversation with a possible match within the first 24 hours. You can upgrade to a paid membership to add a ton more photos and show up in more searches.

8. Bumble- The Bumble dating site is just percolating with women empowerment popular with 30-55 age group. Profiles here aren’t as detailed as some other options, but you can make video calls, which goes a long way to making users more comfortable when they finally meet. The basic account is free, but you have to upgrade to Bumble Boost to see users that “like” you.

Note: Prices, free trials, and membership services are subject to change, so I’ve provided a link to each site by clicking on the name.

Dating Resolutions

Take a look at what didn’t work when you dipped your toe in the dating pool the last go around and resolve not to do them again. Resolutions could include no ghosting, being completely honest, no serial daters, and the list goes on. Doing this will save you time, money, stress, and potential heartache.

Dating Safety 101

If you watch the news, you know many women and men have put themselves in dangerous situations while dating. It doesn’t register something terrible will befall us just going on a date. Still, the truth is some of the leading crimes committed against online daters, especially women is date rape, robbery, stalking, kidnapping, and murder.

Here are five measures you can take to ensure your safety while dating online:

1. Video Chat- Video chatting before actually meeting up is a tool pretty new to the dating scene. Older aged dating site users might not like to incorporate this ” new-fangled” option into finding a match, but not only will it save time going on a date with the wrong person, it just might save your life. If you are old-school, chat by phone works just as well.

2. Tell Someone- Great, you’ve found a possible match, and you’re ready to dive into going out. Tell someone like a friend, neighbor, co-worker, or family member your plans for the date. Information to give them is the location(s) where you plan to go, what time you plan to get home, and your date’s information like name, description, and vehicle.

3. Don’t Use Your Number- There are plenty of places to get an alternate number, so you don’t have to disclose your primary number. A friend of mine had to change her cell phone number three times in one year due to stalking. Finally, she got a Google Voice Number, which is always free to use.

4. Meet In Public- Many daters make the mistake of having a date pick them up at their residence. It might’ve worked years ago, but today it’s a big no-no. Ensure the public place is open, bright, and busy. Not recommended would be a club, dark bar, or on the street in front of the establishment

5. Stay Sober- We all know drinking lowers inhibitions, and so does your date. If you want to drink, keep it to a minimum and alternate drinking water. Another tip that falls under the drinking category is not to leave your drink unattended; it leaves you open to date rape drugs.